DAY 3, 23 MAY
10:00 - 10:45


Diana Pinchuk
Very Good Security


Diana is a curious QA with 6 years of testing experience in various fields (from desktop Visio plugins to enterprise web systems and mobile SDK). Has experience of being a part of product teams at few companies.
Co-organizer of QA Club Lviv community and GDG DevFest Ukraine conference.
Fan of podcasts and tech blogs (sometimes she writes on Medium). ISTQB Advanced (TM) certified.

Talk: Develop a product mindset for QAs

It’s a kind of fashion these days to talk about the complex solutions, customer service and strive to work at a product company. But is it really the most important? Let’s shift our mindset and start worrying about the product you work on despite the work title and status of your company. We’ll see how the holistic product approach brings benefits for everybody, why QAs are the best candidates to become product managers and how to improve the product mindset.
The talk will be useful for QAs and devs to think about software development from a new perspective