DAY 2, 22 MAY
11:00 - 11:45


Geoffrey van der Tas
Quality / High Performance Teams coach


I have been working in the world of software testing for the last 8 years. Currently as a test/Quality lead at Ordina
Any other info about you: I have spoke at other conferences before. Examples are the Agile Testing Days, Testing United, DevOps Pro Days A&A Days. Where i did different sessions both talks and workshops

Talk: Quality Engineering: A new hope for Quality Software!

Testing, Quality Assurance and delivering quality. It all radically changed over the last few years, all because of our new agile way of creating software. Now the latest evolution called DevOps has been taking the stage more & more in the last few years. Shifting more into automation and delivering software weekly or even daily. But how do you keep delivering high quality software that is tested in a proper way? How to prevent bugs from reaching your customers? Or even, how to keep them happy? To answer these questions we will focus on the following points:
▸ What changes for the tester role
▸ How to build a high performing team that can focus on quality
▸ How to deliver quality from the start and have built-in quality
▸ Is there still a place for manual testing?
During this fun & exciting presentation will include some nerdy jokes and practical insights on where you can start. Make sure to join this talk about "Quality Engineering: A new hope for quality Software!"