DAY 1, 21 MAY
17:00 - 17:45

Technical B

Igor Dorovskikh
Engineering Manager


Being Engineering Manager at Tinder, Im a key driver behind Tinder's mobile release management, QA process, and Mobile DevOps. Before Tinder, I’ve worked as an automation lead at Expedia and Barnes & Noble where my team has built automated solutions for their flagship products. Besides testing, I’m also passionate about teaching. In 2013, I’ve founded CodeFitness -- a company that provides online and on-site training for those who want to become test automation experts. I’m constant guest at various meetups around Bay Area and was a presenter at GTAC (Google Test Automation Conference) on topic “Mobile Automation in Continuous Delivery Pipeline”.

Talk: XCUITest to Infinity and Beyond

Join Igor Dorovskikh ( Engineering Manager at Tinder) to learn tips and tricks on how to automated iOS apps with XCUITest -- Apple's native test automation library baked into XCode.
In his hands-on visual demo, Igor will not only show fundamentals about #1 most desired test automation solution for iOS apps but also reveal secrets from war tranches of iOS automation battlefields on how prep tests to run on each developer code change in CI and find analytics bugs even before they get into main code branch.
➡Intro to iOS Test automation with Apples’s native XCTest and XCUITest libraries
➡Scalable architecture of XCUITest — Page Objects on steroids
➡Live vs Mocked API-- why you should always mock your test
➡Speed up test execution with custom Test Sharding solution