DAY 2, 22 MAY
14:00 - 14:45


Igor Goldshmidt
Senior QA Engineer
Moovit company


Igor Goldshmidt holds a Master of SQA certificate from Ness College (Tel-Aviv, Israel) and B.A. in Logistics Management from Bar Ilan University (Israel). In the last 7-year, he is work in the Software QA field. Today Igor is a Senior QA Engineer in Moovit company and spearheading testing projects. Also, Igor is the Israeli Software Testing Cup Champion 2018. As a passionate testing geek and quality freak, he is a QA researcher, an innovator, the architect of test solutions. The activist of TestIL, the biggest testing community in Israel. Also volunteers as a teacher of a QA course at the Technion – Israel’s Institute of Technology. International speaker and blogger.

Talk: Mind Maps is a tool against panic in testing large features.

In an ideal Agile world, we need to cut small features or rather user stories and have enough time to “execute” them during the sprint. But in our world, stories are features and not always a few of them, but rather a lot and for all, you need to think through and plan to test. And in addition, we come across “Mega” features from which a panic immediately begins, even in the process of reading requirements or "specs." And if you are work with Junior Test Engineer, that is "Houston we have a problem". In my report, I will share the experience of our team, which consists of “Juniors”, which is just a couple of months got rid of the “panic” during the analysis and planning of testing using Mind Maps.