DAY 3, 23 MAY
12:00 - 12:45

Technical B

Jan Sabak
Testing Departamanent Manager
AmberTeam Testing Sp. z o.o.


Jan is a software quality assurance expert. For twenty years he has been working on testing and quality of software and hardware. He holds MSc in Computer Science of Computer Science Department at Warsaw University of Technology. He built and managed Quality Assurance Departments in, IMPAQ and Infovide. Currently he works on his own consulting company (AmberTeam Testing) which strives to assure peaceful sleep of CIOs and project managers through risk measurement and management. He is an active promoter of the knowledge and culture of the quality of software development. He is a President of the Revision Board of SJSI (Association for the Quality of Information Systems) aka ISTQB’s Polish Testing Board. He possesses ISTQB CTFL, Full CTAL certificates as well as ISTQB CTFL Agile Extension. He is a co-author of “Agile Testing Foundations: An ISTQB Foundation Level Agile Tester guide” book.

Talk: Growing a test framework

In the year 2019 I have helped to build and supervised further development of testing framework for the biggest Polish insurance price comparison websites. The initial goal of the framework was to run about 200 tests in 15 minutes. After a half a year of development the framework runs over 200 tests in 20 minutes.
I would like to present a case study of this project and show how the framework was built. What stages it undergone and what design decisions have been made during the development process.
On the other hand technical side of the framework is also quite interesting. The framework is built with Selenium, Python, Zalenium with Kubernetes in a cloud platform. Tests are run several times a day with CI tool. After each test run a self-contained HTML summary is sent to testers, test manager and project manager.