DAY 3, 23 MAY
14:00 - 14:45


Mykhailo Antonishyn
Mobile application pentester
Access Softek
For All


The Institute of Special Communication and Information Protection NTUU "KPI" graduate. I took part in the project of the research center of the Institute for the development of a secure voice communication system. I worked as an information security auditor for a year in the CERT-UA team and participated in the CSIRT-NBU project. Over the past two years, I have been testing for vulnerabilities in WEB and mobile applications. I have MASPT and BA certificates. All testing projects are mainly related to the banking sector or block chain projects.

Talk: Advanced Android application security testing

Vulnerability testing is one part of information security. Vulnerability testing is carried out both locally during the application development process and by external auditors in order to evaluate independently the security status.
In the presentation I will talk about vulnerabilities testing of mobile applications for Android using the Xposed and Frida frameworks. I will show examples of creating automated test cases and talk about ways to prevent the usage of Xposed and Frida.