DAY 3, 23 MAY
14:00 - 14:45


Oksana Lang
QA Project Manager


I've been testing and building up testing processes for 12 years now. I've started my career in Ukrainian office of Belgian company as a QA and support specialist, which gave me a great understanding of how the software is done, used, and perceived by the end-user. Worked one year in the outsourcing company. In 2011 got a job offer from Skype headquarter in Tallinn and could not have possibly rejected it since it was fulfilling my teenage dream of working in Microsoft. Currently working in a crowdsourcing company as a QA Project Manager, which is a perfect individual contributor job: giving QA experts worldwide chance of testing a variety of applications, showing my lovely customers the power of manual testing and celebrating better releases with them.

Talk: Manual testing is alive! Let me show you what type of testing global market companies do manually.

Having a luxury of working with the best companies in the industry, and helping them to complement their in-house QA with crowdsourced manual testing, it gives me a great sneak peek into which type of testing those companies most admire and value. In my speech, I'd like to share what type of testing those are, and how those are being done by Testlio. The speech will be useful for both QA engineers to collect fresh ideas on what other types of testing they could do, for Product people to build a check-list of aspects important for end-user, for startuppers, who have the ambition to grow globally. But most for true fans on manual QA who might have been scared that there is no future for manual testing in the industry. Let me prove you wrong.