DAY 3, 23 MAY
10:00 - 10:45

Technical B

Oleksandr Borkun
Test Automation Engineer


I'm representing quality since 2015.
2015 - 2016 I were working as a freelancer and did manual testing for web-app and browser games.
In 2016 I've switched to automation and started to work in EPAM office in Minsk, it's an outsourcing company.
I did UI testing with Selenium WebDriver and API testing of SOAP and RESTful services for big SaaS applications. Our customer was Kronos Inc.
After that in 2018, I've relocated to Copenhagen and started to work at Trustpilot.
Here, until today, we (QA team) playing the role of testing ambassadors. We are creating frameworks, tools, and metrics for developers.
Guiding them to achieve a better quality of our product.

Talk: From Web Crawler To Quality Monitoring App

More and more companies are using modern testing principles.
QA engineers now have more responsibilities instead of creating tests. And we have a lot of pressure because one QA team in the whole tech department with 100+ engineers is not a rare unique situation. Less and less QA teams are still writing manual test cases but each responsible for the governance of quality frameworks. As the Quality team - we provide frameworks, metrics, solutions, and guidance for engineers to control the quality during the development process. Anyhow, we still can’t review everything. How can we make sure that our app is covered with tests at least with minimum requirements in a constantly growing environment (e.g. no broken links, your company logo located in the right place through all of the pages, each page load faster than 3 seconds, etc.)? Who can watch it? That's where a Quality Monitoring App can help.
The advantage of Quality Monitoring App is that it provides a report after each run, which you can use to create bug reports, reproduce found issues and provide performance analytics.
In this talk, I'll describe how I’ve created an Quality Monitoring App for my company purpose, based on an open-source web crawler and screenshot comparison library. How I decided what language I should use, what to assert on each page view, how we've achieved this and the impact it brought.