DAY 3, 23 MAY
10:00 - 10:45


sergej kornienko
QA Engineer


Sergey works in GlobalLogic. He has had general experience in IT for over 10 years as a quality engineer and systems engineer. He has extensive experience in many projects, starting with the implementation and testing of the server performance monitoring system for Ukrainian customers and up to conducting penetration testing of web portals for international companies and testing of the SIEM complex.
Now Sergey is in the position of QA Engineer on the embedded project. In parallel, there is a member of the Global OWASP Foundation and is preparing to receive Certified Ethical Hacker certification. Extensive experience in many projects allows you to anticipate and find problems where they would not seem to be at first glance.

Talk: Privilege escalation and more...

I will talk about privilege escalation vulnerability and some more. It includes steps for identifying, exploiting and mitigating this vulnerability.
I'm trying to keep this as practical and relevant as possible but keeping things obfuscated is a professional hazard in security domain