DAY 2, 22 MAY
16:00 - 16:45

Technical A

Yana Lysa
QA Coordinator
Access Softek, Inc.


Yana is QA Coordinator in Access Softek, Inc., managing team of more than 20 QA Engineers, who are working remotely. Responsible for settings QA processes on a project, growing new employees and helping in self-development for the team.

Yana believes that personal approach in all the tasks and challenges is the key of excellent work quality and personal development.

Talk: Do your employees know, who is responsible for their development?

Usually, when you come in new company, everything seems ideal: processes, team, tasks, but after some time you feel, that you’re doing only routine. If you continue doing it every working day without any challenges set up, you will burn down in some time. It is very important to take time for personal development no matter, how busy you are every day.
I want to share with you ideas, how to set up OKRs for each team member personally, how to help them develop themselves and get benefits from it. And also as employee, how to get time and resources for your personal development.
This presentation will show benefits from both sides company and employee, and answer to the question: who is responsible for personal development