DAY 1, 21 MAY
11:00 - 11:45

Technical B

Yevhen Rudiev
Parimatch Tech
QA Manager
Parimatch Tech


Yevhen is QA Manager at Parimatch Tech with more than 8 years experience in IT. Primary focuses on the implementation of distributed systems. Worked in Automotive, GameDev and Entertainment industries. Agile practitioner. Big fan of microservices architecture and DevOps practices. Founder and contributor of open-source framework for automated testing of Unity3d applications - Puppetry.

Talk: Do you know your production?

Everybody has already known how to organize testing and validate if a product is really match with PO's requirements. After all bugs are fixed, it is merged into master and we move to next ticket. But we often forgot about questions: "How will it be work on the production?", "How will it be delivered there?", "How will it be worked in Prime time?", "How will it be worked if some dependency is unavailable?", "How will you know if something is going wrong?".
It is very important to think about all these questions, especially if your system works 24/7 and cost of an error is extremely high.
I will show you how is important to go out from requirements and ask all these question. We will discuss real cases and real solutions.
All the talk is based on experience of work with high-load system.