DAY 1, 21 MAY
14:00 - 14:45

Technical B

ATID Automation


I'm a Test Automation Engineer with more than 15 years of experience in that field. 4 years ago I founded my own company providing professional services to IT companies worldwide, mainly focusing on training & consultancy of test automation methodologies, tools and frameworks.
Any other info about you: I've conducted many meetups and workshops in Israel, focusing on Test Automation.
Lead instructor and lecturer in my company.

Talk: Selenium Under Attack

Any QA tester and test automation developer knows or worked with Selenium WebDriver, yes, it became a standard when thinking about test automation,
But In the past 2 years something outstanding happened in the field: breakthrough frameworks innovations.
Everyone wants to produce the next selenium, everyone wants to publish the “selenium kill” framework, many tried in the past and failed, but lately we are witnessing some great alternatives which can’t be ignored anymore,
In this talk I will review 3 non selenium frameworks which are getting popular day by day:
We will talk about pros and cons of every one of these frameworks and of course compare it to the good old Selenium WebDriver.
Will Selenium predominance remain? Will some other framework take the lead for the next coming years?
Come and join us to this talk to better understand the present and future trends of test automation frameworks.