DAY 2, 22 MAY
12:00 - 12:45

Technical B

Parimatch Tech
QA Tech Lead
Parimatch Tech


I've been working as an automation qa for the last 6 years. Usually on my working projects I write autotests and testing tools. As the pet projects I usually code plugins for different tools. My primary stack is C#/.NET and sometimes PowerShell.I've done a lot of projects with different approaches but the same question for all of them is a Unit Test Framework. I have deep experience with several of them and would like to share my opinion with people.

Talk: Role of unit test framework in autotest pipeline

Starting a new automation project you need to choose some tools that will help you in the developing process. Which unit test framework to use is still an open question. I'm sure I will not give the answer for that but I'm sure I can highlight pros and cons for each of them. We will discuss what to look out. How test framework is helping you in creating and supporting tests and how it could be extended by creating custom plug-ins.