Anton Serputko

Anton Serputko

Lead Performance Analyst
EPAM Systems

Target audience

QA Engineers, Developers, Managers

Required skill

0.5+ years of experience in IT development

Required for participants

Laptop (windows, linux, mac)

Duration 10:00 - 18:00, 7 hours.
Lunch 13:00 till 14:00

Workshop: Start performance testing from scratch

The purpose of the training: to gain an understanding of the process of testing performance on a project from scratch and to obtain the necessary practical basis for using performance testing on a project from scratch. Format: participants in practice go through the stages of performance testing, from system analysis to reporting results on a test e-commerce application (java-spring-hibernate) using Apache Jmeter as a load generator. We will cover the whole process of performance testing, necessary theory and practice. This is enough to get the start boost and have an understanding of the process to start testing on the project. Also we will set up performance testing infrastructure based on Jmeter-Grafana-Influxdb-Telegraf-Jenkins to be able to get test results in real time, analyze test results, localize bottlenecks with custom dashboards and have access to historical performance data of the system


Performance Testing Expert. Develops solution for performance testing results visualization and analysis. Conducts corporate performance testing workshops and consulting.
Conducts performance testing trainings at StartIT training center.